GGD Series of low-voltage power distribution cabinet GGD Distribution Board for RITTAL

XL-21 Power Distribution Cabinet Electrical control switchboard panel board XL-21 Series 3 phase Low Voltage power Distribution swithgear Box with switch and wire, made in China DPMP:


Main technical parameters

Sequence number Project Name Unit Electrical parameters
1 standards GB 7251.1-2005
2 The rated voltage insulation Ui V 690V
3 Rated voltage Ue V 400V
4 Rated current In A 630A~100A
5 Short-term tolerance current ability Icw kA 20KA
6 Shell IP protection grade IP30/IP55/IP65
7 Environment temperature -20~+40
8 installation landing
9 Case materials mm 1.5~2.0 Cold-rolled steel sheet or stainless steel plate
10 Surface treatment Electrostatic spraying technology
11 Open the direction The opening Angle is equal or greater than 135 °
GGD cabinet GGD Distribution Board XL-21 Power Cabinet